James Bingham is the founder, CEO and proud father of Public Access , an Austin-based entertainment blog (hailed as, “writing?” and, “an Austin-based entertainment blog”) focusing on television commentary and reviews, with the occasional movie review thrown in. Because man cannot live on TV alone. Just kidding. He can.

As a freelance writer, James’ work has appeared both online and in print, in the Austin American-Statesman and the Los Angeles Review of Books. In 2009, James worked with FOX to promote the late, lamented Virtuality, a sci-fi drama whose ambiguously open ending left fanboys everywhere shaking their fists in anger. James had the opportunity to interview several of the actors and creative talent behind the show. James also reviews advance materials for publishers such as Random House and Gollancz.

James graduated from Texas State University with a degree in English. He now enjoys a career collecting unemployment and substitute teaching. Questions, fan-mail, and death threats should all be sent to pubaccesstv@gmail.com.


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