No, Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War Are NOT the Same Movie

Dallas blogger James Bingham examines comparisons between Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War.

It’s here! Captain America: Civil War has finally hit theaters. So if you’re like me, and were sick of hearing story after story about what a complete and utter failure Batman v Superman turned out to be, well too damn bad! Civil War’s only going to add gas to that tank. 

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“You just started a Captain America: Civil War review!”

Dallas film blogger James Bingham reviews Captain America: Civil War.

When the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron hit the internet, it was like a religious experience for me. Everything about it looked amazing. Iron Man and the Hulk battling it out! Ultron! The Pinocchio song! Waiting another five months or whatever it was for the movie to come out was pretty tough. But the day finally came, and as I sat in that theater watching Earth’s Mightiest Heroes face down another world-ending threat, I remember smiling, leaning forward in my seat and thinking, “This is pretty okay, I guess.”

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