True Detective Review – “Church in Ruins” – ADIDAS

Rachel McAdams infiltrates a Hollywood sex party in the latest episode of True Detective.

I know I’ve turned into a bit of a broken record saying this week after week, but this season’s murder mystery just hasn’t reeled me in at all. However, if any episode this season was going to get me into it, this would have been the one. Let me explain.
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True Detective Review – “Down Will Come” – Killshot

I don’t think I could go so far as to say that “Down Will Come” reminded why I love this show, but is certainly was a jolt of adrenaline in a season that doesn’t seem to have any problem taking its sweet ass time with everything. Continue reading “True Detective Review – “Down Will Come” – Killshot”

True Detective Review – “Maybe Tomorrow” – Just when I thought I was out…

Anthology shows are strange things, because no matter how good or bad a season is, there’s always the possibility that the next one is going to be an entirely different thing. Continue reading “True Detective Review – “Maybe Tomorrow” – Just when I thought I was out…”