Don Draper and the Power of Forgiveness

Did Don Draper invent Coca-Cola?

I think there’s a good argument to be made that Don Draper will never be happy with the life of a rich and good-looking ad exec. Time and time again over the course of the show’s seven seasons, we’ve watched as Don has become unsatisfied with some part of life, left those around him hanging, and set off on the open road. In the past, he’s always come back, because, well, there’s always been something to bring him back. His job. His family. This time, however, Don seems like a man without a purpose. He’s divorced. Again. Betty’s taking care of the boys. His daughter is growing up and can take care of herself. And McCann-Erickson has crushed SC&P beneath its boot heel. If Don goes back, what is he going back to? Continue reading “Don Draper and the Power of Forgiveness”


The Sansa Stark Rape Controversy Non-troversy

Sansa Stark's rape outraged fans in this latest season of Game of Thrones.

There’s been a lot of talk about the rape scene from last week’s episode of Game of Thrones. And rightfully so. It’s pretty brutal. And it’s another in a long string of misfortunes to befall Sansa Stark. However, after listening to a lot of the criticism that’s been leveled against it, I have to say I’m a little confused. A lot of people are acting as if this was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back, and that the show had reached some point of no return, with even Senator Clair McCaskill weighing in on the discussion. Continue reading “The Sansa Stark Rape Controversy Non-troversy”

Post the First

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